Jumat, 29 Oktober 2021

Prof. Zakiyuddin: Scientific Journals Grow Intellect in the Virtual Crowd Era

SALATIGA-Scientific journals can be used as tools to fight the challenges that arise in the virtual crowd era. The Chancellor said this of the Salatiga State Islamic Institute, Prof. Dr. Zakiyuddin, M.Ag as a resource person at the 9th Series of Tadarus Litapdimas Webinar (Research, Scientific Publications, and Community Service) organized by the Directorate General of Islamic Education of the Ministry of Religion on Tuesday (30/06/2020). According to him, scientific journals have a strategic role in the virtual crowd era. "The era of the virtual crowd means an era where all information can be searched on the internet. Currently, humans have the freedom and support in space and time to forge intellectuals," he said.

In addition, Prof. Zakiyuddin explained that the ease of finding information in the virtual crowd era also brings challenges; on the other hand, "Some new phenomena that were born in this era include the birth of new authorities as challengers to long-established authorities. In addition, there is also human dependence on instant and massive literacy. Yet such literacy tends to lose its depth and breadth."

The Editor in Chief of the IJIMS Journal is also worried about some people who feel that it is not essential to the presence of academics and intellectuals because almost all information has been provided on the internet. writing scientific papers is one of the instruments that can foster intellectuality."

In the webinar with the theme "Scholarship in Reputable Journals", Secretary of the Directorate General of Islamic Education Imam Safei said that the theme was chosen to appreciate the achievements of PTKI journals. "The theme of Intellectuals in this Reputable Journal is taken as an appreciation. The latest achievement was in 2020; five PTKI journals entered the Q1 and Q2 criteria. This achievement must continue to be developed so that more journals within PTKI will enter the Q1 criteria. In addition, the quality of intellectuals within the PTKI must be maintained so that they can become role models for the community," he said.

In line with Imam Safei, Head of Sub-Directorate for Litapdimas, Suwendi said that the Ministry of Religion would continue to support the development of the PTKI journal. "We will support the development of scientific journals; we will provide supporting platforms, such as Moraref, Morabase, and Morabin. Important findings and developments in human science can be disseminated through scientific journals so that later they can provide benefits for humanity in this internet era," he continued.

As part of the celebration and award, Tadarus Liptadimas series nine invites the managers of five reputable PTKI journals that have entered the Q1 and Q2 criteria in 2020. The five journals are the Indonesian Journal of Islam and Muslim Societies (IJIMS) from IAIN Salatiga, the Journal of Indonesian Islam. (JIIs) from UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya, Qudus International Journal of Islamic Studies (QIJIS) from IAIN Qudus, Studia Islamika from UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta and Al-Jamiáh from UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta. Managers are invited to present a discussion on scholarship and journaling with their respective experiences.

The webinar was also attended by several speakers, including Khoirun Niam (Executive Editor of JIIs), Wahiburrahman (Editor-In-Chief of QIJIS), Ismatu Rofi (Studia Islamika), and Ratno Lukito (Al-Jamiáh). The event, which took place from 10.00 to 12.30, was attended by more than 500 participants through the Zoom application and thousands more watched through the Diktis TV YouTube channel. Participants consisted of researchers, lecturers, journal managers, LP2M administrators throughout Indonesia, and others.

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