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*Recommended 16 LIST JURNAL TERINDEKS SCOPUS Gratis APC Bidang Ilmu Linguistics, ELT, Translation & Culture*

 *Recommended 16 LIST JURNAL TERINDEKS SCOPUS Gratis APC Bidang Ilmu Linguistics, ELT, Translation & Culture*

1. CLCWeb - Comparative Literature and Culture Q2 GRATIS APC : https://docs.lib.purdue.edu/clcweb/

2. Journal of Language and Education (JLE) Q2 GRATIS APC: Journal of Language and Education (hse.ru): https://jle.hse.ru/

3. Journal of Ethnic Foods Q1/FREE APC: https://journalofethnicfoods.biomedcentral.com/

4. Journal of Ethnology and Folkloristics Q2/ https://sciendo.com/journal/JEF

5. Research Result. Theoretical and Applied Linguistics [URL: http://rrlinguistics.ru/en/]. FREE/ GRATIS APC

6. Jordan Journal of Modern Languages and Literatures. https://journals.yu.edu.jo/jjmll/

FREE APC. proses review 3 bulan.

7. The journal World of Media. Journal of Russian Media and Journalism Studies (shortened – World of Media) has been published annually since 2009 by the Faculty of Journalism, Lomonosov Moscow State University. . http://worldofmedia.ru/ FREE APC. proses review 3 bulan.

8. Kasetsart Journal of Social Sciences. https://kjss.kasetsart.org/

submission fee 100 USD.. setelah itu gratis APC proses review 3 bulan. terbit 1-1,5 tahun.

9. SKASE Journal of Translation and Interpretation SKASE http://www.skase.sk/SKASE.html 

10. Topics in Linguistics: Topics in Linguistics https://sciendo.com/journal/TOPLING 


11. HUMANITIES DILIMAN Q2 FREE APC https://journals.upd.edu.ph/index.php/humanitiesdiliman/about

12 TESL-EJ: tesl-ej.org/wordpress/ Q1 GRATIS APC

13. Computer-Assisted Language Learning Electronic Journal https://callej.org/index.php/

journal Q1 GRATIS APC

14. The Language Learning Journal: Taylor & Francis Online  The Language Learning Journal | Taylor & Francis Online (tandfonline.com)  

Q1 gratis APC

15. International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism: https://www.tandfonline.com/toc/rbeb20/25/8 Q1 Gratis APC

16. Tarbiat Modares University Journals System - Language Related Research https://lrr.modares.ac.ir/index.php?slc_lang=en&sid=14 Q2 GRATIS APC

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 Dear author(s),

We appreciate your interest in submitting the manuscript entitled "xxxx-xxxx-xxxx" to our REGISTER JOURNAL. However, upon an initial review of the manuscript, we apologize that your manuscript is not very eligible due to one of the following aspects:

1. The submission does not fit within the scope and focus of REGISTER Journal,

2. The absence of novelty in the submission

3. The submission does not follow the journal guidelines (See Guidelines for Author)

4. The submission lacks references taken from International journals.

5. The gap, as well as the findings, are too plain;

6. Few informants do not qualify for the research, even for an education journal;

7. No synthesis is performed, nor is potential one ahead to come; thus, far from being a world academic platform of discussion.

You May consult the description of this journal under About, as well as its current contents, to learn more about the work we publish. Consider submitting this manuscript to another, more suitable journal.

Looking forward to another submission from you soon, we thank you again.




Editor in Chief

Dr. Hanung Triyoko, S.S., M.Hum., M.Ed