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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ) dealing with REGISTER JOURNAL's policies and procedures

 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ) dealing with REGISTER JOURNAL's policies and procedures to ensure that my manuscript aligns with the journal's criteria and publication schedule.

Q:  I am curious to know if the Register journal will consider articles that focus on the English course textbook from Indonesia of this particular type.

A: REGISTER JOURNAL editors consider the analysis of English course textbook is still within the focus and scope. https://journalregister.iainsalatiga.ac.id/index.php/register/search/search?simpleQuery=textbook&searchField=query


Q: Additionally, I would like to inquire regarding the publication frequency of this journal. How many times per year are articles published?

A: It publishes twice a year: June and december.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of articles accepted for each volume?

A: Maximum 8 papers of every issue.

Q: Furthermore, I am interested in the submission timeline to this esteemed journal. Specifically, could you please inform me about the periods when the Register journal receives articles and the deadlines for submitting manuscripts for the next edition, as well as the submission link?

A: See this link URL: https://ejournal.uinsalatiga.ac.id/index.php/register/announcement

Q: Another aspect I would like to inquire about is whether  Register journal offers a fast-track review process and could you provide the estimated timeline for the Normal-route review and publication process once the author submits the manuscript to this journal?

A; BIG NO for fast track processes. Every author should follow the same regular 3-4 months review process.

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we have moved

 Journal of Pragmatics Research, (JoPR), E-ISSN: 2656-8020, is published by UIN Salatiga. Starting from the Edition of Volume 5 Number 1, April 2023 onwards, the Journal of Pragmatics Research has moved its web page from OJS 2 Journal of Pragmatics Research (iainsalatiga.ac.id) to the new one OJS 3 Journal of Pragmatics Research (uinsalatiga.ac.id)


REGISTER JOURNAL1979-8903 (PRINT)- 2503-040X (ONLINE) published by UIN Salatiga has moved to the new web journal URL address: https://ejournal.uinsalatiga.ac.id/index.php/register

How many billions of Rupiah should I sell my journal for?

 Dear Faizal Risdianto,

I am writing to express our interest in acquiring "REGISTER JOURNAL", a publication that we believe is at the forefront in its field. We have long admired the quality of the research and the insights that the journal provides to its research community, and we believe that this acquisition would be an excellent opportunity to expand our presence in this field.

Our organization is committed to publishing in cutting-edge research and development in related field. We believe that acquiring "REGISTER JOURNAL" would enable us to accelerate our progress toward these goals by providing us with access to new research findings and insights from top experts in the field.

We are confident that our organization has the resources and expertise necessary to support "REGISTER JOURNAL" and help it continue to grow and thrive. We are committed to maintaining the editorial independence of the publication and ensuring that it remains a trusted source of information and insights for the research community.

We understand that this may be a complex and time-consuming process, and we are committed to working closely with you to ensure a smooth and successful transition. We look forward to the opportunity to discuss this further and explore how we can work together to advance publications in this field.

Thank you for considering our proposal. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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Acquisition Proposal for Journal of Pragmatics Research

 Dear Editor/Publisher,

Greetings of the day!!

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