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APJIKI Lustrum Holds Workshop on Stages of Web of Science Indexation

MURIANEWS, Jakarta – In commemoration of five years, the Association of Indonesian Communication Journal Publishers (APJIKI) held a workshop with the theme 'Stages of Indexing Journals to Web of Science'. The event is held virtually via the Zoom application. Chairman of APJIKI, Dr. Puji Lestari, said that the commitment of journal managers to improving the quality of journals is urgently needed. 

According to him, managing a journal takes work. It takes will, persistence, and perseverance to manage it. "We need to learn and support each other and spur journal managers to a higher level or an international stage," said Puji Friday (18/2/2022). 

Therefore, Puji Lestari hopes that this event can motivate journal managers to improve the quality of their journals to a better level, such as by being WOS indexed and others. Read: APJIKI Lustrum Webinar, Focus on Improving the Quality of Scientific Papers for Journals In this session Faizal Risdianto explained that Web of Science (WOS) is an online subscription-based scientific citation indexing service, besides that WoS is one of the largest and most reputable global reference databases. "Web of Science or WOS is stronger in humanities than Scopus: or stronger in the humanities field, and one of the Clarivate Analytics product derivatives is Publons, which can be used free of charge by scientific journal managers to find Peer reviewer partners (scientific journal reviewers) based on history and merit system," said Faizal. 

He stated that there were 24 complete requirements when registering with the WOS, the most important of which was the article's title and abstract in English, regardless of the language in the full-text articles. Journals must provide an accurate English translation. In addition to the timeliness of publication, the journal must state whether it has a specified publication frequency, and what is no less important is the validity of the statement. 

This is the Explanation of the Chairman of APJIKI. Among them is that published content must demonstrate compliance with the policies stated by the journal. Then peer review and published content must reflect good and effective peer review and editorial oversight.

Furthermore, content relevance, namely published content, must be consistent with the title and scope of the journal. This workshop activity was held in collaboration with APJIKI and Bandung Islamic University, UNISBA PRESS, and AtmaJaya Catholic University of Indonesia. The activity, which lasted for 5 hours, was very interactive and was attended by 81 participants from various universities throughout Indonesia.

Read more at: https://www.murianews.com/2022/02/18/273319/lustrum-apjiki-adakan-workshop-dinding-indeksasi-web-of-science

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