Senin, 21 November 2022

REGISTER JOURNAL Template of Rejection

Template of Rejection

 Dear author(s),

We appreciate your interest in submitting the manuscript entitled "xxxx-xxxx-xxxx" to our REGISTER JOURNAL. However, upon an initial review of the manuscript, we apologize that your manuscript is not very eligible due to one of the following aspects:

1. The submission does not fit within the scope and focus of REGISTER Journal,

2. The absence of novelty in the submission

3. The submission does not follow the journal guidelines (See Guidelines for Author)

4. The submission lacks references taken from International journals.

5. The gap, as well as the findings, are too plain;

6. Few informants do not qualify for the research, even for an education journal;

7. No synthesis is performed, nor is potential one ahead to come; thus, far from being a world academic platform of discussion.

You May consult the description of this journal under About, as well as its current contents, to learn more about the work we publish. Consider submitting this manuscript to another, more suitable journal.

Looking forward to another submission from you soon, we thank you again.




Editor in Chief

Faizal Risdianto,S.S,M.Hum


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